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Anal canal drawing

The Anal Canal is the terminal part 3. Anal Canal. The anal canal is situated in the anal triangle of the perineum between the left and right fat filled up ischiorectal fossae. These fossae enable the growth of the anal canal during defecation. The anal canal commences at the anorectal junction, enters downward and backward, and opens at the anal orifice, that is situated in the natal cleft cleft between the buttocks about 4 cm below and in front of the tip of coccyx. The skin enclosing the anal orifice is pigmented and thrown into radiating folds because of pull used by underlying subcutaneous muscle- the corrugator cutis ani. The anal canal is split into upper and lower parts by the pectinate line.
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Anal Canal

Anal canal drawing
Anal canal drawing
Anal canal drawing
Anal canal drawing
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Anal canal - Wikipedia

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Anal canal

Anal canal , the terminal portion of the digestive tract , distinguished from the rectum because of the transition of its internal surface from a mucous membrane layer endodermal to one of skinlike tissue ectodermal. The anal canal is 2. The canal is divided into three areas: the upper part, with longitudinal folds called rectal columns; the lower portion, with internal and external constrictive muscles sphincters to control evacuation of feces ; and the anal opening itself. The anal canal connects with the rectum at the point where it passes through a muscular pelvic diaphragm. The upper region has 5 to 10 rectal columns, each column containing a small artery and vein.
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The anal canal is the terminal part of the large intestine. In humans it is approximately 2. It lies in the anal triangle of perineum in between the right and left ischioanal fossa. The anal canal is the short terminal portion of the rectum through which wastes from the large intestine are excreted from the body.
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